Nic Salts

  • Nicotine salts are becoming an extremely popular option for the growing number of vapers using pods or similar smaller vaping devices.
  • It burns and provide nicotine more effectively at a lower temperature.
  • VapeChic provides a selection of the best from your favourite brands such as IVG, Dinner Lady and Vampire Vape.
  • Why choose nic salts over standard freebase nicotine shots?
  • Satisfying the craving: Vapers starting up on conventional liquids backed by freebase nicotine (i.e. nic shots) may complain of something lacking: they don't get the same satisfaction or "punch" from their nicotine. Inevitably, this will mean using increased nicotine levels. Nic salts absorb into the blood stream more efficiently and therefore can allow vapers to quicker reduce their nicotine intake, which for the majority of vapers is the long term goal.
  • A smoother, less harsh nicotine hit: many of those who have considered and tried vaping may state is that conventional e-liquids are too harsh, and freebase nicotine is to blame. Cigarettes contain chemicals to mask the harshness. Vape juices don't, so the intake of nicotine salt liquids can be significantly smoother than freebase-back nicotine juices.
  • An improved flavour: those of us who kicked the habit and prefer nicotine-free e-liquids may notice a marked difference in flavor, despite smoking the same product. Freebase nicotine may itself be flavourless but it still affects the liquid's overall flavor. Nic salt juice has minimal effect to flavours.
  • A cheaper way of vaping: vape pens and pods grow in popularity, and a big reason for that is cost.  Good quality sub-ohm tanks and box mods are expensive, and can be heavy on coil changes. Nic Salts support these smaller devices perfectly.

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