About Us

Our mission:

To take vaping to the next level.  VapeChic have partnered with the best e-liquid brands from the UK and across the globe to provide fast, efficient supply of vape juice at competitive prices.
VapeChic provides low priced premium e-liquids all year round.  Our same day vape juice shipping options means that if you are looking for a ‘vape shop near me’, we can get your 10ml or shortfill bottles out to you the day you order 
We also provide free shipping for orders over £20, so even more reason for stocking up on quality vape juice.
We offer only the best e-liquids in the UK and from abroad.  If you are looking for cheap e-liquid, we offer the premium brands, famous throughout the vape industry, at constantly reduced prices.
VapeChic will continually have various vape juice discount codes running on the site, so even more savings are available.  There will also be other e-juice offers, such as volume discounts.
Free vape gifts will be provided to our loyal customers on a regular basis.
Enjoy using Vape Chic and we appreciate every single one of you.  We want to be your chosen e-liquid supplier, providing a high level of customer service.
Who we are:
VapeChic is an online UK vape shop, based in the outer London area.  We are a group of people who want the attitude to vaping to move to the next level. 
We want the health benefits of vaping to be promoted far more in the media; we want vaping to have a more sophisticated image; we want vaping to be more inclusive.
The health benefits of vaping compared to smoking are there for all to see.  But the lack of further research allows the media to cloud this.  We want to support any efforts to fight this propaganda.
Vaping still has a very macho image.  The packaging, the flavours, the marketing.  It is changing but we want to push it forward.
VapeChic promotes vaping as a sophisticated, socially acceptable e-cigarette alternative to cigarettes.  We want to allow you to 'vape chic'!
Registered Address: Air Vapes Limited, Registered in United Kingdom under company number 11788752, Lomond Avenue, Caversham, Reading, Berks. RG4 6PL
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